They call the writers and musicians from back in the day old school, but there's nothing old about them. This demographic of singers, songwriters and musicians grew up with the Sound Of Young America in the 60s and were part of the innovation of funk-i-fied flavor in the 70s.

Singer, songwriter, Teira Doom, has been performing since she was eight years old. By the time she was 12, she was writing music, fascinated by the alliance of string and orchestral arrangements used in contemporary music. At 14, she was a guest piano soloist at Carnegie Hall.

Now, in a digital age where music production is more in the hands of the independent artist; she's shared her music roots, r & b, pop, rock, smooth jazz and funk with  CD: Other Peoples Stories.

Teira has written and produced commercials for Intel, Hewlett Packard, and A & M records and co-wrote the theme to BET's Teen Summit when the TV show debuted in the late 80s and wrote various local commercials.

Hers was the voice singing the theme to the Saturday morning animated TV series, "Gulliver's Travels" for Saban Entertainment, where she sang on several of their projects.

In 2007 Teira started an online newsletter, Real School People ®, which has quickly grown in popularity and celebrates its 13 year anniversary in November  2020 and is enjoyed by readers worldwide. 

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